Environmental research, surveillance and tree climbing.

BioSense offers surveillance, management and treatment options to combat invasive pests and pathogens in forests across New Zealand.

An important area of work for BioSense to date has been kauri dieback. Our team members have:

  • contributed to the development of best practice guidelines for kauri dieback

  • conducted, analysed and reported on kauri dieback surveillance on public and private land since 2010

  • investigated over 2,000 sites of potential kauri dieback

  • conducted health assessments on over 70,000 kauri

  • collected over 3,500 diagnostic samples for analysis

  • collected seeds from 750 kauri trees to be screened for kauri dieback genetic resistance

  • designed and conducted the first large-scale application of phosphite treatment for kauri dieback with over 12,500 kauri treated and assessed to enable long-term impact monitoring.

BioSense formed in 2018, and comes from a long working relationship between Lee Hill, former Auckland Council Senior Biosecurity Advisor for Kauri Dieback Disease, and Fredrik Hjelm, founder of The Living Tree Company.

The Living Tree Company (TLTC) is now a BioSense entity working across canopy research, seed collections, bat monitoring and relocation, abseiling, tree care and rare plant protection.

BioSense are proud to be working with

  • Mana whenua/iwi groups Te Rarawa, Te Roroa, Te Kawerua ā Maki, Te Uri O Hau, Omahuta and more.

  • SCION, Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research, Auckland University, Plant and Food Research, Kauri Rescue, Auckland Botanical Gardens, MPI, AsureQuality, Healthy Trees Healthy Future

  • Auckland Council, Waikato Regional Council, Northland Regional Council, DoC – Kauri Coast – Waikato – Whangarei – Kaitaia.

Our full website is currently under construction.

For all enquiries please contact, or

Lee Hill

Fredrik Hjelm